Biggest and Best Candy Stores in the World

Everyone loves candy. There’s something about the sweet, sticky texture of a piece of candy that can make us feel like kids again. You don’t need much more than that to become a connoisseur of candy, but if you want to really impress your friends with the size and variety of your collection, you’ve got to know where the biggest and best candy stores in the world are located!

Top 12 Biggest and Best Candy Stores

Get ready for a sugar rush as we take you on a tour of the world’s biggest and best candy stores. From old-fashioned candy shops to modern candy emporiums, these stores offer a wide variety of sweet treats for candy lovers of all ages. From classic favorites to unique and specialty items, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. So grab your stretchy pants and let’s dive in to the top 12 biggest and best candy stores in the world.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a chain of candy stores founded in 2004 by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan. The first location, in New York City, was opened on Madison Avenue and quickly became famous for its colorful and visually striking store design—it has since been replicated at all of the company’s locations. The Dylan’s Candy Bar empire now stretches to include shops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well as other cities across the United States including Chicago, San Francisco and Miami Beach.

The stores offer an impressive array of traditional candies along with uniquely flavored products that can be difficult to find elsewhere (particularly if you’re looking for something unusual like chocolate-covered bacon).

Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory is a chain of candy stores and restaurants based in New York City. It was founded in 2003 by the same people responsible for the FUBU apparel brand, which explains why the Sugar Factory’s logo has a strong resemblance to that of the FUBU logo.

The most famous feature of this store is its extensive menu of desserts and drinks—its signature item being Couture Pops, which are giant ice cream sundaes shaped like colorful lollipops. The store also sells unique candies such as chocolate-covered popcorn balls (which were inspired by Paris Hilton), gummy bears dipped in 24K gold leaf, edible cupcakes that look exactly like real cupcakes but taste like cotton candy—it’s hard to know what you want because everything looks so good!

In addition to serving delicious desserts and drinks at their locations worldwide, they also offer a tour through their candy factory called “Sugar Factory Hallucination Station.”

It’s Sugar!

It's Sugar!

It’s Sugar! is a candy store in New York City that’s also a chain of candy stores. It’s Sugar! has been open since 2003 and is owned by the same people who own Dylan’s Candy Bar. The store has locations in multiple countries, including California, New Jersey, Mexico City and other places around the world. It specializes in unique novelty items like gummy tarantulas and unicorn poop (among other things). Customers can find all sorts of candies at It’s Sugar!, but its large selection makes it especially well known for selling unusual candies like candy-coated insects or chocolate-covered beef jerky.

It’s Sugar! has become so popular over the years that there are now two locations on West 14th Street near Union Square Park: one with an ice cream parlor attached to it called Scoops NYC; another behind Macy’s department store called Dylan’s Candy Bar East Village; plus one on Broadway between Lispenard St & 10th Ave called Dylan’s Candy Shop Times Square which was opened in April 2018!

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop

Rocket Fizz is a chain of soda fountains and candy stores. The company was founded in 2006, and has since grown to over 100 locations in the United States.

Rocket Fizz is known for its wide selection of candy, soda and other treats. They also have an extensive selection of unique sodas that you’ll probably never find anywhere else! Some flavors include bacon soda pop, pickle-flavored drinks (yum!), cotton candy soda pops, bubbly gummi bears and more! They even have some very unique flavors like absinthe or “Purple Stuff” which tastes like grape bubblegum but looks like purple food dye on your tongue. With so many different options available – there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone at Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop!

See’s Candies

See's Candies

See’s Candies was founded in 1921 by Charles See and his wife, Ruth. The company is based in California, but has stores throughout the United States.

See’s Candy offers a wide range of sweets, including truffles, toffees and other candies. They also sell chocolate gifts and custom assortments for special occasions. Customers can choose from a variety of gift baskets or create their own custom assortment using any combination of the store’s candies or chocolates.

The company has become known for its high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations. Many customers become repeat customers because of its customer service experience, which includes free shipping on orders over $25 or free samples upon request (depending on availability).



If you’re looking for candy that’s hard to find, this is the place to go. The Upper East Side location has an extensive selection of candies from all over the world, including many items that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in New York City. They also have a large selection of ice cream and chocolate treats.

The store is known for its unique and exotic candy options: it’s located in shopping malls throughout the Middle East, with locations in Kuwait City, Dubai, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi (to name just a few).

They have a large selection of chocolate bars, including many that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in New York City. They also have a large selection of ice cream and chocolate treats. The store is known for its unique and exotic candy options: it’s located in shopping malls throughout the Middle East, with locations in Kuwait City, Dubai, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi (to name just a few).

Sweet Factory

Sweet Factory
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Hours: 10 A.M.–10 P.M., daily
  • What They Sell: Candy, chocolate and ice cream
  • How Much It Costs: $2-$5 for a small bag of candy; $3-$6 for a medium-sized bag; $4-$8 for a large bag

The Sweet Factory is known for offering an enormous selection of candies, including many bulk options like bags that contain several pounds of candy or giant jars filled with jawbreakers—and everything in between. The store also offers other sweet treats such as caramel apples and truffles if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank (or your dentist). Because this store is located in the heart of Las Vegas, it’s a great place to stop by after dinner with friends or family when you’re trying out some new restaurants while visiting Sin City!

The store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers free parking in its lot.

M&M’s World

M&M's World

M&M’s World is a store that sells M&M’s and other candy.

Located in New York City, the store has been open since 2012 and is devoted solely to M&M’s candies. In addition to selling traditional M&M’s, the store offers a wide variety of merchandise featuring the famous brown-and-yellow characters, such as clothing and artwork. The shop even features its own museum with interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike—the perfect place for any chocolate lover!

Godiva Chocolate

Godiva Chocolate

Godiva is a Belgian chocolate maker that was founded in 1926. Today, Godiva has stores in the United States, Canada and Europe. The company’s New York City location offers over 400 chocolates and confections to choose from, including truffles, caramels and more. Godiva also has locations in Beverly Hills (where they have a popular shop made of glass) as well as Las Vegas on the Strip. Known for its luxury chocolate gifts and high-end products, this popular candy store offers an array of specialty treats for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.



Kilwins is a candy store chain based in Michigan, with over 100 stores nationwide. The company sells candy, chocolate and ice cream. It is best known for its chocolate covered cherries, fudge and other confections. Kilwins was founded by Edward Ochwat in 1947 as a small ice cream shop when he purchased the rights to manufacture his family’s recipes under the name “Edward’s Candies.” In 1954, he opened his first retail store in East Lansing which sold candies made at home by Edward and his wife Virginia Ochwat along with homemade ice cream prepared on site. The business expanded into other locations until 1971 when it incorporated under the name Kilwin’s Incorporated; however the company still operates under its original name on occasion such as when referring to itself as “Kilwin’s Candy Shops” or simply “Kilwins.”

Choco-Story Museum

Choco-Story Museum

If you’re in Milan and craving chocolate, Choco-Story Museum is a must-visit. Located in the city center, this museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits and hands-on demonstrations dedicated to the history of chocolate and its cultural significance.

Located on the ground floor at Piazza Cordusio 8, this museum also has an elegant café where you can enjoy delicious desserts like hot chocolate or ice cream while relaxing on one of their many sofas.

The museum is divided into two sections: the first part is dedicated to the history of chocolate, and features interactive exhibits that allow you to learn more about how this sweet treat was discovered by pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Maya. The second section explores the cultural significance of chocolate through art, literature and film.

The Sweet Palace

The Sweet Palace

The Sweet Palace is a Canadian candy store that has been in business for over 100 years. Located in Toronto, Ontario, it is known for its historic charm and nostalgic atmosphere.

The store has over 7,000 items of candy on display at any given time and offers a wide variety of traditional and hard-to-find candies from all around the world. The Sweet Palace also sells soda from around the world, including one-of-a-kind sodas like Dr Pepper made exclusively for them by Cadbury Schweppes Company Ltd., according to their official website. In addition to being able to purchase sweets and treats there are other activities at The Sweet Palace including puzzles, games and toys that children can enjoy while their parents shop for sweets.

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